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Post by John Smith on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:16 pm

Registration Rules

1. Your username must be the name of your character. In addition, each character must have their own account.

2. Non-human characters must start as the lowest level of their race. The appropriate characters may be leveled up using Soul Exchange.

3. Child characters will be met with extreme scrutiny.

4. Crossover characters are allowed, but will be met with extreme scrutiny. They may be disapproved if there is evidence of plagiarism or they do not fit the forum.

5. No user may post on another person's character sheet with the exception of staff members. All advice that a player wants to give must be done via private message or in the chatbox.

6. If it is required for a plot, a user may ask to submit a character above the listed limitations to act as a driving force or important person. However, they will either be killed off or must resubmit within the limits by the end of the plot.

7. Plagiarism is not tolerated in any form. If you are found to have copied parts of your sheet without permission or credits, you will be banned.

8. Three votes are needed to approve or disapprove a sheet.

Common Rules

1. Description of death, gore, and blood are allowed and encouraged on this forum.

2. Rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, or flaming attacks to any member are prohibited.

3. Multiple, repeated postings are not allowed.

Game Rules

1. All characters must act off of the original sheet that was approved. This in no way prohibits growth as a character, but this should happen logically according to your character's personality.

2. There can be NO GODMODDING of any sort performed by any character, nor can a character be created with any sort of unbreakable weapon or inescapable ability. This can include, but is not limited to: Describing another character's actions, thoughts, feelings, or emotions, or performing actions that are outside of your character's range of abilities. Also, any rigging of Souls will be treated as godmodding and punished in the same way.

3. Metagaming is not allowed. This can include, but is not limited to: Having your character aware of information they would not logically or could not possibly know, making your character dodge attacks by "coincidence" to the point of absurdity, stumbling upon information or the perfect solution to a problem through sheer luck, etc.

4. Any member who has not posted in an active thread within 48 hours without notifying a staff member or posting in the Members section may be controlled or killed by any other member of that thread.

5. Play logically. Your character must be played in the way you have described them in their character sheet. Characters cannot, for example, instantly learn a new ability or gain a new skill without any warning or preparation beforehand. Similarly, a character shouldn't be able to perform more than four actions in one post.

6. Romantic activities are allowed to an extent. Do not post pornography within any topic. Such actions will result in deletion of the posts, and repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban from the forum.

7. Your posts must always be written in third person past tense and should include actions, thoughts and speech of your character which are easily recognizable.


1. Any character of any race can kill or be killed.

2. If a character is killed, the owner must report this death to the staff.

3. If a fight is instigated, the posting order will be locked (meaning, no one can leave) upon deciding by the majority of members involved. If a character wishes to leave before the fight, they must do so before all members have agreed to start battle (Note: Making an attack during a post counts as accepting the battle). If a character wishes to leave before the end of the fight, all members involved must vote, the majority deciding whether they will allow the person to leave or not.

4. Battles may not end until someone is dead or near-death, unless decided by the majority of those involved.

5. If a player would like to dispute a kill, talk to a staff member before responding in the topic. If you accept the kill in your post, you forfeit the right to dispute it.

6. New members are allowed one month of protection for their first character. Starting the day of approval, their character cannot be killed by any means, unless they wish it to happen. However, they are not allowed to go on missions unless they choose to give up protection. They also cannot fight other players without their consent.

Soul Exchange

1. The number of kills/official missions must be recorded in your character's signature if you wish to benefit from the Soul Exchange.

2. Any player-controlled character killed by a player can be counted as a Soul.

3. Any Dungeon Master controlled mission assigned to a player will be counted as a Soul upon completion.

4. Each race benefits differently from Souls, listed below.

Soul Exchange Bonuses wrote:Vampire Soul Exchange:
Newborn into Fledgling: 1 player kill/D.M. Mission
Fledgling into Upyr: 3 player kills/D.M. Missions
Upyr into Talamaur: 5 player kills/D.M. Missions
Talamaur into Strigoi: 7 player kills/D.M. Missions with at least 1 player kill
Total: 16 player kills/D.M. Missions

Upon reaching Talamaur, you can have one familiar for free.
Talamaur additional Familiar: 5 player kills/D.M. Missions
Strigoi additional Familiar: 4 player kills/D.M. Missions

Lycan Soul Exchange:
Lycan Cub into Youngling: 3 player kills/D.M. Missions
Youngling into Lycanthrope: 5 player kills/D.M. Missions with at least 1 player kill
Total: 8 player kills/D.M. Missions

Cyborg Soul Exchange:
Beginner into Advanced: 2 player kills/D.M. Missions
Advanced into Armored: 4 player kills/D.M. Missions
Armored into Elite: 6 player kills/D.M. Missions
Overhaul: A cyborg can be redesigned and refitted with new parts to gain additional weaponry, upgrades, and even a new appearance for 4 player kills/D.M. Missions.

V.W.A.T. Mission Reward:
Criminals can buy their freedom after 20 player kills/D.M. Missions
Soldiers can get special weapon modifications, leadership of criminals on missions, or one use Super Serum shots (lasts for 5 posts, a single level boost to physical abilities, and regeneration [20 posts for major, 5 for minor]) for 5 player kills/D.M. Missions each.

Human Escape Card:
Available only to human characters, upon amassing 3 legitimate player kills or D.M. Missions, the character shall receive a one time use escape card. This card can be used in order to save the character from what would normally be an inescapable situation that would lead to the character's death or severe injury. The card is a one time perk and must be earned once again by amassing another 3 player kills or D.M. Missions.

Artifact Quests:
For 5 Souls, an Artifact Quest can be requested in the appropriate board. These missions are harder than the norm; there is, as always, no guarantee of coming back alive, but also no guarantee you will receive the artifact if you do not fulfill the mission requirements while on the quest. If this happens, your 5 Souls will not be refunded.
Note: Souls cannot be exchanged in the middle of a battle. You must wait until afterwards to level up.

Advanced Humans

1. Advanced Humans are allowed powers and abilities unique to their specific character, different to any of the other races.

2. When creating an ability, think logically and be realistic. Explanation is key to having your skill approved.

3. If you wish for your character's ability to "level up" with experience, include the various levels of your ability in your sheet, as well as the specifics on how you will move up the ranks.

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