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Sofia Devorah WIP

Post by Sofia Devorah on Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:30 pm

Name: Sofia Malachi Devorah

Name Meanings:
Sofia - Wisdom, intelligence, insight.
Malachi - My messenger, my angel.
Devorah - The name of the Prophetess and Judge who led a revolt against Jabin, king of Canaan.

Age: 35

Gender: Female



Equipment: The rifle Sofia is most familiar with and commonly seen taking into a combat situation is the Accuracy International AWM. A bolt-action sniper rifle with a 5-round detachable box magazine (5 total) and detachable aperture type iron sights with day or night optics, designed for magnum rifle cartridge chamberings, however she also has an attachable x40 scope for overly long shots. The AWM's longer bolt accommodates dimensionally larger magnum-length cartridges such as the .300 Winchester Magnum and the .338 Lapua Magnum. The bolt head, locking ring, and extractor and magazines also work with the increased size and operating pressures of magnum rifle cartridges. Muzzle brakes are fitted to reduce recoil, jump and flash and act as a base for optional iron sights. Its overall length is 1230 mm (48.4 in.) and weighs 6.9 kg (15.1 lb), having green and black colorization with the combination of the stock, barrel and sights. She prefers to fire blessed .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, giving her an effective range of 1,500 m (1,640 yd). She also has a TBAC 30P-1 silencer for it to drastically reduce the noise of her shots for when the need for stealthy cover fire arises.


A sidearm Sofia always carries with her, placed in a hip holster hidden by her jacket, is a Taurus PT92. A double action/single action, 9x19mm Parabellum, double-stack magazine, semi-automatic, short recoil action pistol. It weighs 960 g (34oz) with a length of 216 mm (8.5in), firing standard 9x19mm rounds with a standard 17 round detachable box magazine (3 total). It has a typical silver gunmetal construction, with a customized black grip to both accentuate the silver features and to better fit her hand and provide comfort over long periods of use.


The last weapon Sofia carries on her person is hidden on the back of her waist in its sheath, which is attached to the back of her belt. She keeps a KA-BAR combat knife with an Asian-influenced Tanto blade shape, this Ka-Bar combat knife is designed for the toughest of tasks and has proven useful in more than one situation in her past, being a remnant of her time in Mossad, its seen its fair share of combat. Possessing an 095 Cro-Van black, 1095 carbon steel blade at 8 inches in length with a 20-degree edge angle, with its overall length being 12-7/8 inches with the Kraton G handle included, weighing only 0.75 lbs. Add in her glass-filled nylon sheath and you have an EX-Mossad agent with a terrific knife for combat applications, even doubling as a throwing knife in the right hands. Including its use as a melee weapon, the KA-BAR is used to open cans, dig trenches, and cut wood and roots.


Race: Human

Abilities: A Mossad agent that has been to nearly every county on earth and carried out operational missions that most others wouldn't even dare touch, she has marvelous intelligence achievements to her name even when she was extremely young. In other words, Sofia brings to bear a capacity to improvise, rare expertise, knowledge in sophisticated weaponry, a command of languages, and psychological insight. In other words, a very specific set of skills; she can and will find you, and she can and will kill you in the most brutal of ways.

Sofia is a very proficient sniper. Her skills with her rifle are top notch, having been taught to shoot with both her left and right hands, she's capable of putting a bullet to dime at 1800 yards with relative ease and effort, allowing her to rank amongst Mossad's top snipers. It should also be noted that she's skilled enough with her rifle to tag supernatural creatures while in they're motion, even with the loss of her right eye, making her deadly to both human and unnatural targets of all kinds. This preference as a sniper made her try to avoid close quarters combat if possible, and while she still retains her amazing skills with long ranged shooting, she has all but replaced that preference since the loss of her right eye. When it comes to an exchange of fists, Sofia is no stranger to using her skill in Krav Maga, the national martial art of Israel, for hand-to-hand purposes.

A skill she had hammered into her while in Mossad and by her Mother as a child. It’s philosophy is based on the principle that in a real street fight no quarter will be asked or given. Fight to kill, there are no rules (groin shots and eye gouges approved). It also teaches one to always be aware of their surroundings, pushing Sofia's situational and spacial (area her body inhabits) awareness to borderline supernatural levels. Military training has granted her immense stamina, allowing her to run flat out for two miles before her hands start shaking, and cover a three mile run in 8 minutes flat, which she uses to move from firing positions to avoid detection.

She is also skilled in Wilderness & Survival training, Stealth and Escape operations, and Distraction tactics. She knows how to use the surrounding environment to her advantage, be it using whatever objects are near by for the distraction of enemy soldiers, using the brush for camouflage, and even use the local plant life around her as food or a medical agent if the proper plants are available. She is extremely skilled in Intelligence Collection, Counter Intelligence, Special Reconnaissance, Covert Operations, and Counter-Terrorism Tactics, as per her training in the Israeli Intelligence Organization, making her ideal for any delicate matters that may need to be carried out with the tenderness that only she can deliver.

Highly skilled in tracking her prey; if the target moves, she'll move with it. If anything Sofia was capable of could rival her skill with a rifle, it would be her mental endurance. She's capable of going up to five days and nights without sleep tracking someone, while still being fully aware and alert of her situation. Once she's locked onto the target, she ensures that it doesn't disappear on her watch. She takes care to stay on the lookout, she must not fall asleep, she must not be caught.

She's also speaks Hebrew (obvious), German (ironic, but previously necessary), Arabic (needed for a few missions in the Mossad), and English (most commonly used language on earth, most commonly needed). The last skill she has is one involving hand signals to silently signal teammates without speaking, something commonly used in her time in Mossad.

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