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Post by John Smith on Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:51 pm

True Cross
Leader: Matthias Saul

The True Cross organization is a group within the Vatican dedicated to eradicating the unholy creatures that walk this Earth. All members are part of the Catholic faith, the majority of them having been raised in Sister Corvis' orphanage from a young age. The organization is sworn to protect humans from the terrors of the night, but most often puts the lives of other Catholics above others in their mission. They take orders directly from their leader, the only one to outrank him (or know of their existence) being the Pope. All members some form of human with very rare exceptions. (Players may not create cyborg characters but may possibly become them in game, most likely only in the case of serious injury warranting the transformation.)

Leader: TBD

The American anti-supernatural and paranormal task force. Employing criminals and military personnel, they fight vampires, werewolves, and threats to national security. Criminals wear special collars designed to track their movements, relay their situation, allow a communication line to their group and Steeler, as well as provide an electric shock of varying intensity if they are to step out of line (it can be fatal, but it is incredibly rare for this to happen). Military personal are mainly for support, research, intelligence, and security. All members some form of human or cyborg (very rare exceptions).

Leader: None

Misfits and those who have no group to call their own. Members of any race and walk of life.
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