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Michael Christoff (WIP)

Post by Father Anthony Diem on Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:18 am

Michael Christoff


Age: 31

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Organization: FBI (Independent)

Organization Rank: Special Agent

Character's Appearance

Michael is a rather ordinary looking man, with medium length plainly oriented brown hair, and blue eyes of similar disinterest. Michael is clean shaven and his features are rather plain, not being extremely defined nor smooth. He is 5'10 inches tall and weighs about 185 five pounds, this weight showing itself mainly in fitness, while he is not grossly large or ridiculously fit but he makes sure to maintain his physical abilities and his conditions. With hands that are slightly calloused from the harder work in his life, and knuckles likewise from conditioning he is shown to be a hard working man, despite the option of denying this lifestyle in his current profession.

Though a formal dresser Michael makes sure never to let his form get in the way of his function. As such his shirt both collared and long sleeved is specifically made sure to allow him full movement of his arms at all times, and to not restrict him. The vest above this is used either as just an accessory with the shirt to make sure to look his best, but when he makes an arrest or expects danger he will put a bullet proof vest over his shirt and cover it up with the black button up vest. A brown jacket will accompany him temperature permitting, this is similarly dresses but yet functional, it is a button up as well and can keep ammo in or other weapons in various inside pockets.

Helping not only to maintain his appearance but also stop others from being alerted to his intentions. Below this is a pair of black jean pants supported by a belt, normally adorned with a Glock .22 pistol and spare ammo. Lower still are his socks and shoes which are white, and brown respectively. Though his shoes are not technically boots, they still function quite efficiently in harsher circumstances; like when Michael needs to run, or travel over rough ground, or wet ground even.

His gun sits on his left hip in a black holster, on his right in similar holsters are two spare magazines of ammo for this gun. If his jacket is on his person, then he will keep another two in that also in the right side, but if it is not, there are two chest pockets on his vest near the right pectoral where he can store them out of site, but in the pocket and buttoning a lid over them. These are the only visible weapons that he has on him, and though he carries the occasional knife it is normally placed in a pocket, being of the folding sort.

Personality Information

Michael is strangely normal for a man involved with the FBI, he finds that most people in the organization are for the most part this way too. They are all human beings, this is just their job, and while that might influence what you do and what you are called to do it doesn't define who you are as a person. Though outwardly stern and serious for the most part he is far from stoic or somber. His mood switches like most peoples from day to day but he finds that he is normally a very consistent individual regardless of his circumstances. This is not to say he is predictable, more so that he is dependable.

This is one of the traits which has allowed him to rise to the rank of special agent in the FBI. Having the skill and ability to perform as an inventive mind behind the scenes and piece together the events of crime with superb accuracy, and the fortitude of will to make the arrest in person ensuring as best he can nothing goes wrong. Michael enjoys his work, and views it as helping the people of America, much like a police officer just on a larger scale, and with a lot more authority as well. For this reason, and the excess amount of patience he has he puts his whole heart in to the cases that he takes, and generally tries his best to complete them as good as his able to the entire way through.

Observant of his surroundings without a fault, Michael is imbued with a deep sense of caution and paranoia. This having been a product of his upbringing and training for his past careers. It shows no signs of residing, and Michael most certainly doesn't want it to. He views this as a big advantage in taking notice of those tailing him, and in not being caught unprepared for any situation. Combine this sense of awareness and observation with the calm persona that he puts around himself, and you have a very fine, very successful field agent.

Regardless however, of the calm attitude Michael brings to the field, he is not immune to the normal fears and anxieties that most people suffer from. He is merely able to contain these in the field, and in order to allow himself to flow with smooth motion and efficiency. But underneath this exterior Michael is beset by nerves before his fights, and fears that he won't make it out of them. He finds that he can use this fear however, to keep him sharp, to keep him looking around. Even if he can't, he's experienced enough to deal with this fear in a manor that doesn't cripple him.  

To call him an outwardly calm but inwardly an emotional wreck would be false however. As though he is subject to these intense, very average fears, he is also well within the scope of normal joys to. Taking delight in the little things, and though not always calm in the heat of battle he is spurred on by a sense of duty and an ingrained instinct of ferocity, dulling that feeling quite considerably and making it possible for him to perform with upmost bravery.

Outside of his job Michael maintains contact with his parents and other relatives normally, though he does take his work home with him from time to time. He does little with his free time other than train, eat, read the news, or rehearse what he might need for his job later on. He makes sure to keep his guard up however even in his off time, and if he needs to he can go to great lengths in order to determine if he is being followed by his own organization, or by some other stalker. He rarely ever goes out to eat or to a restaurant as he dislikes putting himself out in the open like that, though he will make exceptions occasionally, after all, he's still human, and theres no point in preserving that life if he doesn't live it a little.

As beneficial as Michael's personality is for his work, it doesn't earn him that many friends. As his behavior is that of a survivalist, not that of a the standard person. He desires love, and friends like most all human beings of course, but honestly doesn't get that much time to think about this gap in his life with how consumed by his work he is. He is a fighter most certainly, not a talker. He has always been rather civil with his coworkers; even not unnecessarily cruel towards the criminals he deals with, but he has the capacity to be quite the cold hearted man. What got him in to law enforcement and what keeps him in it even to this day has been his indignation, his pure rage.

This anger fuels his desire to stop tragedies like murder before they happen, and bring to justice those who commit them when they do. It has spurred him to keep on fighting both in general and in considerably hopeless situations. However it has also led him to some rather gruesome decisions in life, ones that he would easily take back if he could. For after a while of working in the special forces, the constant pressure of the job, and the horror of what some of the people that he went up against finally got to him. He no longer went in for the arrest but for the kill, or for the destruction of that individual. He absolutely abused his power and his station at this point and went considerably farther than he had to in order to apprehend many criminals.

There were a few points where he had captured a criminal, and was looking for his partner or his team, and deigned to actually torture them for information. They, "fought back" of course, but they didn't really have much a choice. Soon enough his team members and his superiors started to see this patter however, and while they had little sympathy for the men that they were sent to deal with, they decided that for the good of everyone, criminal, coworker, and Michael, that he should consider transfer to a less hands on job. He took a long leave of absence to think about it, and after reflecting on it he decided that would be best.

Nowadays Michael isn't so prone to outbursts like these, or constant unbearable hatred. He is able to make arrests efficiently but also mercifully now. Finding the ability to hold himself back in the face of the scum that he is forced to work with. He attributes this mainly to not being in constant life threatening situations involving only the worst sort of men. Currently he is able to find a balance between investigation, case work, and arrests. He makes it a priority to never get to absorbed in the action, taking breaks and vacations when he starts to feel the telltale inklings of that old sinister rage coming back.  

Equipment Information

Glock .21 pistol, this automatic gun fires .45 caliber bullets and holds 13 to a magazine. This is kept in a holster on the left side of Michael's hip, being attached to his belt. There are two spare magazines behind this, and the location of the last two is either in the inside of Michael's jacket, or inside of the pockets on the right side of his vest. Attachments for this gun include a flashlight, though that can be used off the gun too, this does have spare batteries.

A long folding Stiletto like knife also accompanies him most of the time in a pants pocket. This knife is five inches long and ergonomically made for a better grip. It is thin and locks tightly in to place when opened, with edges on both sides. Enabling him to both thrust and slash with this weapon, the thrust being more effective than the slash, but the slash is capable of delivering deadly blows as well coming from Michael. The double blade makes this knife a little dangerous to open in a conventional way, and as such it has been modified to open with an assist, this is a small lever on the back of the exposed side of the blade. The blade is dull around this area for about an inch, this and the lever enable Michael to open it safely and very quickly.

Baton: A collapsable baton fits on the right side of his belt buttoned on by a holster, this allows him the option of tearing it off at a moments notice and extending it in to a 26 in. bludgeoning weapon, from the 8 in. handle that it was. This handle was wrapped in a soft cloth to provide grip and comfort as well. This button is capable of crushing bone despite it's thinness and even has a bit more heft to it than one would expect.

Mace: A bottle of mace is found on Michael's person but rarely used, as his fighting skills are normally more than a match for whatever he is up against, and if he has to use something more than that it's normally his gun that gets pulled out. Still, when he needs to subdue someone and he doesn't want to break their bones or crack them with his baton, he pulls out the mace, this would be used for those criminals that he really doesn't want to hurt that badly, few and far between, but there nonetheless.

Standard Appliances: Having some manor of a life outside of his job Michael owns a small apartment room and a car, as well as all the usual things one needs to survive on their own. He has access to a small amount of funds at any given point, and has a much larger store of cash saved up in the bank. By no means rich he easily gets by, though admittedly he often lacks the desire to do things requiring the expenditure of money. Other useful things such as a phone, (flip phone, outdated but he doesn't care), a watch, and etc, are things that he possesses.

Apartment: His apartment is smaller but very clean and almost empty, he has heard it needs "a woman's touch." He assumes that means that he should either get married or put up decorations. He has plans for neither, but his apartment isn't totally barren. There is a working T.V., radio, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, sink, bathroom with a shower and tub, etc. The overall color is grey and white, the carpeting being grey, the walls and ceiling being white. With things like the couches and the bed being a darker green. The wooden furnishing like tables, counters, and chairs. are brown and varnished, with little wear and tear. White plastic tile kitchen and bathroom flooring is about the only thing to break up this standard routine. There is a spare weapon for everyone that he carries in a small gun safe under the bed, and there is another in the wall behind his bathroom cabinet, which must be taken down for him to access it. They are locked by codes that are known only by him.

A separate gun case also accompanies the one on the floor. This one holds a rifle, it is a hunting rifle but far more deadly than the standard hunting rifle. It comes equipped with a laser to aid in aiming and magnesium rounds, exploding upon impact. This rifle is most certainly the deadliest weapon he owns, and he doesn't take it with him out in to the field, unless he has a very specific reason for doing so. The gun is a black
Browning X-Bolt Stalker, it keeps five bullets in it at a time, bolt action and .30-06 springfield caliber. It obviously is not intended to be shot wildly and recklessly at opponents. But is used to it's best abilities when the shooter is taking a very careful, very precise aim. It generally takes just one shot from this weapon to end a life. It is loaded generally and there are fifteen spare bullets in the case, these can easily be carried in Michael's various pockets if he needs them.

ID: Michael carries his FBI Badge and papers with him in his wallet, he is not without either of these things whenever he can help it. Yet instead of carrying this in his back pocket he carries it on the inside of his vest, zipped in to a pocket on his left side.

Character Abilities

Missiles: Michael is highly proficient with firearms, both pistols and rifles, having picked up these skills very early on in his law enforcement career. He is able to fire calmly in the heat of battle, leading to accurate shots even in fire fights, and due to his steady hand and massive time put in to practice, he's able to shoot skillfully even towards the maximum range of most pistols, and the longer range of rifles too.

Melee: Michael has trained with weapons as well, mainly batons and knives, for a while he operated purely as a special forces agent and was commonly put on the front lines of dangerous missions. Through this experience past training, and practice he became extremely skilled in close quarter combat with a weapon. His training does not teach him how to engage in long knife fights, and is centered more around the special forces mentality of disabling your opponent as soon as you can and avoiding damage yourself. No fight should last more than fifteen seconds if that is a possible option, so he has been taught.

Martial: The same mentality applies to this form of combat, when without a weapon (which should never happen!) you need to disable your opponent in at the most three moves, keeping these fights below that fifteen second mark as well, if they are unarmed. Michael specializes in quick powerful strikes, and in the art of bone breaking, focusing on incapacitating his opponent or killing him as quickly as he can. This is accomplished with an intense knowledge of the human body, of where the bones are easiest to break, and where the most sensitive points lie. Through training and experience Michael has developed intense control over his own body, and a very useful muscle memory to increase his effective combat instincts. He knows a few holds and bars, but focuses more on the use of his hands, elbows, knees, and legs to disable his opponent before grappling can even begin.

Observation: Observant to a fault, this has become so increasingly casual for Michael that it takes as much out of him as it does to breath, and looks about that out of place as well. Michael has established a manner of looking over his shoulder so to speak that does not look as if he is attempting to do so, yet lets him take in his surroundings around him. After many years of both tailing, and being followed himself he has discovered how it is possible for a someone to watch every where around him without someone noticing that your doing it, such as, if you need to look up, a sneeze might do the trick, a cough for the side, or maybe you just stop to admire something in a stores window, check your teeth, this let's you look behind yourself safely.

Small things, like the loading of a gun, the tensed breathing of a man waiting to strike, the clenched fist of another, all can tell him very important things. Such as, the man with the clenched fist in a gang, the one who's left foot as a little bit closer to him than the right, the fact that he isn't blinking, these small things tell him that he is either the leader, or the first one to strike, either way when Michael makes the first move and takes him down, the rest of the gang os likely to back off from there. Or, if one is waiting behind the corner of a building with a knife, or gun, they will often switch grips, move their feet, get in to a better position, breath heavily one more time before they pop out. Michael looks for these small sounds, these signs, and prepares for them.

Similarly, Michael is always aware of what could be a potential weapon for him, or shield in a time of crisis. This is an almost unconscious thought process that happens. But as he goes through any new area, he will take not of what he can use to his advantage. Such as, Michael walks down a hallway in an office, has no weapon of his own, but sees the computers and the keyboards, the chairs and the thumb tacks, the pens and pencils, and notes that they are there, and that they can be used as weapons.

Resources: As an agent of the FBI, Michael does have the ability to pull some strings when he needs to, he is denied very little access to anywhere and can always call in favors from higher up for cases that he is working on. This is nothing major of course, but as a trustworthy and experienced special agent he is able to do most of what he needs to do to get the job done.

Character Biography

Michael was born and raised in New York City

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