Surviving The Evil Within (Open to all)

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Surviving The Evil Within (Open to all) Empty Surviving The Evil Within (Open to all)

Post by Ada Koch on Mon Oct 20, 2014 1:05 am

(All are allowed to join however no supernatural abilities are permitted, No enhanced strength or speed and no pages or blessings. It's pure vanilla survival.)

Ada slowly blinked her eyes as she slowly regained consciousness. She could hear chains rattling all around her as she came to. As her vision finally cleared they almost instantly shot wide open as they took in the scenery around her. All around her almost every visible surface was caked with blood and gore. And most noticeable was the fact that Ada seemed to be hanging upside down from the ceiling of the room she was in. Ada groaned as she tried to wiggle a bit perhaps to shake herself free of whatever was suspending her in the air to not avail. "Hello!?" Ada called looking around the room there didn't seem to be a living thing anywhere nearby. A few corpses were strewn about the room but nothing to indicate that they had been alive at all recently.

Ada grunted as she tried to bend her body upward to grab at the chains wrapped tightly around her ankles. She bit her lip as the accursed things refused to come lose the only thing gained being pain from the chains only digging deeper into her skin. Ada let herself hang back down letting a deep breath escape her lips as she looked around the room once more for anything that might be useful. As her eyes panned around the floor her eyes fell upon what appeared to be a bloody meat hook lying on the floor just a small distance away from her. It would be difficult but she was suspended low enough to the floor to maybe swing herself close enough to grab it.

Truthfully she had no idea what she planned to do even if she did get it but it was a start towards reaching a solution she supposed. Ada sighed and began to swing herself back and forth trying to collect enough momentum to move herself closer to her intended objective. However in the midst of her attempts to obtain the bloodied object something began to stir amongst one of the piles of corpses littered around the room. The movement went unnoticed by Ada for the moment as she put all her focus toward reaching the possible tool/weapon.

Finally from amongst the corpses a figure stood garbed in a ripped and tattered nun's habit and wrapped in barbed wire caked in what could only be described as gallons of blood. Ada's eyes widened as she took in the sight of the creature. Almost instantly Ada's attempts grew more frantic as she swung herself in shorter arcs as the creature began to shuffle across the floor towards it's suspended wriggling meal. After one last attempt to reach the hook Ada grit her teeth before bending her body upward again with as much strength as she could must grabbing the chain connected to hook that her own chain was looped upon.

Ada groaned in effort as she pulled herself up on the chain until she could feel her restraints loosening around her ankles.  With a bit of effort Ada pulled her restraint chains up off of the meat hook that was used to hang her upside down and with a startled yelp she fell to the floor below. And not a moment too soon Ada quickly scrabbled back on her hands and feet as the creature continued to shuffle ever closer. Her hands were slick against the blood soaking the floor beneath her causing her to slip clumsily in her hasty retreat. Ada looked around her eyes wide with panic her breath quickening as she struggled to find the very same object she'd been working to obtain before.

Finally it came into view coincidentally right beside her hand. Quickly taking up the hook Ada got to her feet holding it in both hands but as her eyes finally clearly took in the face of the creature that so eagerly wished to devour her the walls around Ada's heart cracked. "S-Sister Maya?" Ada whispered taking a step back from the familiar faced creature. There was no mistaking it beneath the disfiguring scars and the caked on blood Ada could see the kindly nun who had always encouraged her to improve her cooking skills, The nun who when Ada needed to be alone would cover for her during Ada's trips into town.

"Sister it's me Ada!" Ada said holding the hook up between herself and the still advancing creature. "S-Stop!! Your injured and sick we can find help!" Ada said her hands were now shaking as the creature began to moan it's hands outstretched toward her. Each of the former nuns fingers were dislocated grotesquely and her nails seemed to have been torn off. Through the splits and rips in the nun's habit she was wearing she could see fresh blood dripping from deep bloody lashes. It was obvious the woman had been tortured before she'd been turned into the monstrosity she'd become. "I SAID STOP!!" Ada yelled as her back hit a wall tears slid down her cheeks from the corners of her eyes. In her mind she wanted to believe that somewhere inside Sister Maya was still there clawing and fighting to take control back from the monster that had inhabited her body.

But as the former nun lunged Ada let out a loud battle cry and swung the chain striking the nun across the face with the blunt end of it. The creature fell to the ground motionless leaving a shaking and shocked Ada to collect herself. Ada slid down the wall the meat hook still firmly grasped in her hands as she stared at the person who'd once welcomed her to the orphanage with a warm smile and a freshly baked cookie. With that final memory it was as if a dam had burst within Ada as tears poured freely down her cheeks as silent sobs wracked her entire being. Her grieving was cut short however as she heard a shallow raspy breath. Ada's eyes turned toward Sister Maya's prone form she could see the woman's fingers clenching and loosening in as if grasping at something.

Then without warning Sister Maya lunged from her position on the floor to grasp Ada's arm crudely with her few functioning fingers snarling, growling and snapping her teeth at the young girl like a feral animal. Ada screamed and swung the hook again once more catching Sister Maya across the face this time with the sharp end leaving a deep gash that tore open the former nun's cheek. Ada covered her mouth in shock she could see bits of skin and flesh hanging from the tip of the hook. "Oh my god..." Ada whispered. The blow did little to impede the undead nun however as she slowly got to her feet ignoring the jagged rip wound in her cheek. Ada shook her head backing against the wall as she stared at the woman.

"Just...Just stop...Just die!" Ada pleaded shaking her head. She didn't want to hurt the woman anymore she just wanted her to stay down so that it could be over. Ada looked down at the hook in her hands before she cocked her arm back and struck the woman again this time once the nun had fallen Ada raised the weapon over her head once more and brought it back down upon the creature's skull raining one strike after another until there was nothing left resembling a head only red mush, bone fragments and brain matter. Once the deed was done Ada dropped the hook letting it clatter to the ground as she huddled against the wall wrapping her arms around her legs and burying her face in her knees as she wrapped her mind around what the hell had just happened.

Ada didn't even know how she'd gotten here all she recalled was being called for a training mission to a hospital called Beacon where apparently some supernatural happenings were occurring.
All she could remember before this point was walking through the doors of the hospital and then she could only draw blanks.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” -Marie Curie
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