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Roy often dresses in a casual manor, putting on a t shirt with some older rock and roll band or concert. Like ACDC Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc. When a more formal dress is required he puts on a simple white T shirt, over which goes a long sleeved black shirt. A black belt holds up his pants which are either tan or blue jeans, these are always loose enough to allow flexibility in his movements. Brown often mud dusted boots will be worn by Roy normally.

Roy’s physical structure is considerably toned, and certainly dense. He bears quite a few scars from his early years of training with knives, and more recent ones from fighting against monsters. Roy is not huge, and is obviously not a body builder, but there is hardly a milligram of fat on his body. It is composed almost entirely of a lair of dense powerful muscle, as well as masterfully conditioned skin, gifting him with very hard callouses and calcium deposits on his bones especially around his arms, and his legs.

Roy’s face is admittedly digging his own grave as far as nicknames go.  Sprouting a full beard, darker in color than his normal brown. His eyes are green and have the laid back look of a very relaxed man most of the time. His hair is grown out longer as well, very unkempt in general and light brown in pigment. Often smiling and laughing Roy’s face is lined with the wrinkles that come with these actions.

Roy could easily be mistaken for a hippie, stoner, metal head. In fact, most people general assume this about him. Little of his actual personality discredits these rumors.


Hk-417 Battle Rifle: This weapon fires of a 7.62 NATO round. Roy carries four twenty round mags of these. Three of which are attached to a sash around his chest. The other is loaded in to the gun normally. Three of these mags are normal rounds.

Glock 17’s. Simple, easy, almost reliable Glock 17’s decorate Roy’s sides for side arms. These guns fire 9mm bullets and hold seventeen shots per magazine. Roy carries six total magazines for these guns, two are normally loaded into them. The rest are on his belt.

Dueler Knife/Knives: The dueling knife is longer, and more akin to a dagger than a knife. With the blade being about seven inches long and straight, with edges on both sides. There is a pommel spike on the bottom of the handle, thick and hardy but still sharpened at the end.

There is a knuckle guard which wraps around the handle of this knife. Attaching just under the blade and leaving room for a hand while it curves around the handle and comes in to area where the pommel is attached to this handle. This knuckle guard easily serves as brass knuckles and is so form fitting to Roy’s hand as to allow him to fight even with an open hand while this knife remains attached to his hands. Blending well with his martial arts practices, accenting that rather than being used as weapons in themselves.

Silver composes the center of these blades, spanning from the end of the handle to the tip of the main blade. Steel makes up the majority however, the two parts to the blade to the side of silver being composed of this. The spike is made in a similar fashion.

These two knives are kept on scabbards hanging straight down from Roy’s belt and resting on the side of the upper thigh. They stored perpendicular with the belt and when grabbed are pulled backwards to be unsheathed. There is a small Velcro strap keeping the knives in their place but yet still letting them be drawn out easily.

Fragmentations grenades: Roy has two of these grenades on his person, they are placed inside of his jacket inside of pockets. These grenades are lethal for about 20 feet after the blast radius, though they do damage for about 30. These are filled with blessed silver shrapnel rather than normal steel.

Perhaps Roy’s favorite possession here is his extremely high quality, and treasured beyond all other things. Harmonica. This Harmonica has been with him for years and was actually his graduation present. Engraved on it is a line that Roy enjoys quoting form time-to-time, “Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst. Play a song either way.” This harmonica is a high grade metal rust proof and well maintained with oils and washing. It is kept in a light but sturdy case in the breast pocket off his jacket.

The only other things that Roy owns are in his room, these are actually few in number but they are worth mentioning. One, is his guitar, electric with a small amplifier. The other is a book shelf filled with quite a few works on martial arts and other things that peak Roy's interest. A dresser with quite a few changes of clothing his black belt and martial arts uniform are also present. A chest, underneath the bed locked by a code contains spare weapons for him. This is not the limit everything in his room, but, the majority of things worth mentioning. What isn't worth mention, are the mixture of alcoholic beverages in a separate case locked in the same way. This too, is under the bed, but it is also hidden underneath a loose tile. Roy doesn't actually fear these being found by a superior so much as he does other people stealing his drinks when he isn't looking.


Roy fits the persona of laid back 70’s hippie quite well on the surface level. However going deeper, Roy beings to express a deep passion for martial arts that is completely and utterly destructive of any pacifistic nature he might have once been expected to have.

Roy has studied the Okinawan martial art of Goju Ryu for years, since the age of ten in fact. He has taken in many of it’s philosophies and practices concerning life and most especially body conditioning.

Still though, despite this massive dedication to a combat style, Roy is actually quite laid back for the most part. Enjoying spend his leisure time playing his guitar or drinking. That is, when he isn’t honing his skills or exercising. He enjoys parties as well, to a very large degree, and will jump on almost any chance to celebrate. Including minor things like finding a way to skip out on work, easily celebratory in his book.

Roy gets along pretty well with almost everyone, the fact that he is perfectly at place fighting side by side against monsters with psychotic prisoners is a true testament to this. In fact, he gets along better with some of them than he does with a few of the agents, though, that is largely because of their roles as emotionless psychotic killers. Only without the fun crazy quirks that kind of make his day when he deals with the prisoners.

Surprisingly enough given Roy’s general appearance, he is actually very attentive to his surroundings. Noticing most changes in his environment easily and responding to them with expert timing. He is especially adept at reading an opponents move through there body language, and is pretty good at picking up little clues from people when talking to them. Letting him on to more than they might want to give away. This seems a sharp contrast to Roy’s general attitude. But that is the way he likes it.

To say that his personality is façade would be a lie, but to say that he doesn’t purposefully keep this up to set people off their guard is equally untrue. A little known fact about Roy is that he does have the capacity to be serious, and is actually quite intelligent and observant in his own right; despite the constant stream of jokes and overall desire to shirk work as much as is humanely possible.

Lastly there is a slight undertone to Roy’s average outward personality, this is  sometimes called roguishly charming, but that is more often than not by Roy. Others address it as annoying mischievous, and complete disregard for the rules. Those work pretty well to describe this trait. An example of this might be Roy’s innocent attempt to sneak in an alcoholic beverage to a completely alcohol free area. Like boot camp. Against the rules? Yes, but what Drill sergeant Johnson didn’t know, didn’t hurt him.



Physical Abilities: Level 0 (Max Human)
Durability: (Intensely conditioned) Max Human
Regenerative Potential: None (Normal Human rate of healing)

Marital Arts: Equally Roy’s greatest skills lie in his martial combat abilities. Being a true master of Okinawan Guju Ryu, and at least a passable master in Akidom Judo, and Muy Thai. Roy also loves boxing, practicing boxing techniques and going through much of their training to make sure that his opponents feel like their kissing a train when he punches them.  While Roy might have broadened his styles he decided to leave it at but this handful of styles to specialize rather than just be a jack-of-all-trades. Roy combines his dueling knives with his martial arts if he is forced to use deadly force when things turn in to a melee. He uses these to increase the effectiveness of his strikes mainly, but these blades also significantly enhance the right grapple.

Gun/Gun fu: Roy has chosen firearms as his weapon of choice despite his love for melee combat. He is able to dual wield effectively and shoot with pinpoint accuracy, having benefited intensely from the discipline he had already gained over his body through martial arts when started shooting. Roy has also made sure to practice as much as he reasonably can combining guns with a melee combat. Though this is obviously a bit counterproductive to the entire point of having a ranged weapon. It is certainly not preferred in combat and Roy generally tries to drop his monstrous foes before they can reach him.

Music: Roy absolutely loves music, mainly heavy metal, and rock and roll, but he adores some of the old classics as well. Some of the songs that he knows by heart would probably surprise most people. His singing voice is decent, but he sings with the confidence of Elvis Presley. Not exactly caring that he is by no means as talented as the king himself. Roy’s favorite instrument is the guitar, electric yes, but acoustic works just fine. Though he also prides himself on his skills with the harmonica, and to please his parents he even took piano lessons as a child and teenager. He is very good with that instrument as well, and hasn’t lost his touch, but rarely, if ever practices on that. Not having one, nor being near one by any means.

Japanese: Roy is quite the proficient speaker of Japanese and is actually considerably fluent in the language, as well as the cultural norms and customs of that society. He is even well versed in their history.

Drinks/Food: Roy is able to make quite a few difficult drinks thanks to his short time spent working at a bar, in which he was forced to either get better at making drinks, or get fired. He chose the former. Roy is also a decent cook; he learned this purely out of desire to be self reliant, and able to make brownies for himself without needing his mothers help. He was quite the hit at parties.

Survival: Roy was taught survivalist tactics during his training in the military, and because he actually enjoyed them, he still remembers them to this day. This training including how to get food, make a shelter, look unsuspicious, survive in crowds, keep an eye on the enemy. Etc.

Observation: Roy’s surroundings are rarely unnoticed by him, especially things that change. He finds it easy to tell when people are angry or sad, or elated, or faking their emotions. Based partly on his natural instinct and partly on his training. He is able to pick out small details out of vast amount of information, such as a single gun in the middle of a crowd, within reason of course. Most importantly, he is able to interpret much of his opponents style and motives by reading the unconscious expressions of their body when they engage in combat. He has trained himself to be able to hide these things on his own end, as well as his real emotions. Utilizing his five senses when he goes anywhere, Roy uses about four more than most people. He pays particular attention to sounds and smells and touch and touch and taste can even lead him to come up with information about his surroundings.


Roy is an American through and through, going so far as too even sacrifice his long hair and beard to join the military later in life. He was born to a rather normal family, and lived a rather normal life if truth be told. Early on, around the age of ten, he was rather inspired to join a martial arts school. Young Americans Karate more specifically. Here he became good friend with his master, and was even taken under his wing. After a few years he earned his black belt, and moved on to the strenuous task of earning his white belt in his master’s preferred style, Goju Ryu.

This consumed him for a while, but he eventually got it. He went much farther in this style but slower now as school became more serious, and he was forced to concentrate on his studies more to maintain a passable GPA. But still, he could not be derailed from his passion. His parents a loving folk, and very peaceful worried that there son was a going to grow up much to violent, and enlisted him in piano lessons to try and divert some of his interests from fighting to the more peaceful classical art, of music. They succeeded, almost. Roy fell in love with music after a while, but only learned the piano for his parents peace of mind. Though through that he developed a taste for a much more, heart pounding head banging music, as he was trying out the many different music genres of his time. Thus it was, Roy became a metal head.

Roy around his senior year developed a slight taste for parties now. Going to most that were thrown, but avoiding the rather, extreme ones, finding them a bit too damaging, and a bit too reckless even for him. Here Roy finally achieved his black belt for Goju Ryu, and here he also started playing the harmonic, he became so much in love with this instrument that his graduation present one. He would carry this on his person from that day onward, and never be without it if he could help it.

Throughout school Roy rarely played any sports, not wanting to take time away from his martial arts. But dedicating a good sum of it towards playing the guitar in jazz band, the piano for his parents, and the harmonica because he just plain loved it.

Summer’s were spent on the beaches, swimming and partying when they could. But he managed to scrape by a job here and there. A lot of lawn mowing, a few times as a body guard, baby sitter etc. After graduating though, he needed a something a bit more substantial. And decided to lie about his age and work in a shady bar. Where he played his guitar and harmonica to his hearts content while serving patrons their below par drinks, until he was forced to get better at making them or loss this job. Well, he needed this job to afford to afford more boards to break, so he was forced to put in some effort and actually learn something.

The most effort he put in to anything else that he didn’t outright desire was cooking, which he had learned from his mother so that he would be able to prepare his own food when he was on his own. Especially brownies.

Two things would carry on with Roy from his very early childhood, one was his nicknames. Which were, Kung fu Jesus, for obvious reasons, and Shaggy, for similarly obvious reasons. The other would be his friendship with his master, who was probably his best friend all throughout his life. They would train together constantly and he not only taught Roy martial arts but the customs and language of Okinawa.

Eventually it came time for Roy to do something with his life, oh how he detested that. So, he decided to do something that would help him learn how to increase his combat prowess, his fitness ,and be respectable all at the same time. Namely this was to join the military. Things were hard at first for Roy, they made him cut his hair, he wasn’t allowed to drink, at least, while they were looking, and he was rarely allowed to rock out on his guitar. Times were hard, but Roy decided to replace these desires with a new and improved initiate for exercise. Launching him from amazing physical condition, to peak physical condition during this time. He would maintain this intense discipline throughout his life.

After basic training and boot camp, Roy added in guns to his already vast store of combat knowledge, and was chosen fairly soon to become a member of more specialized corps of soldiers. They would still fight with the main infantry but these men were taught more one on one tactics, and a great deal of information pertaining towards survival and informative missions. This might include attempting to blend in with the crowd to recon the area. Or any number of other tasks.

This corps worked directly with the army, and was not a separate organization, but was akin to the CIA of field trips in a certain sense. Roy barely squeaked by when applying for this group, and it was only because of his deeply ingrained sense of observation when reading an opponent, and expertise in hand to hand and now, missile combat, that he was actually accepted in at all.

Roy had served about two years in the infantry before making in to this group, he went through two more years of training here, and then spent four years aiding the front lines when they needed help like his own. This corps specialized in single combat situations and in reading the battlefield like an book. Roy had excelled at both these things, but culminated with the training and experience he received in the military.

The only thing on his record however, due to the nature of this organization, would be that he was apart of the front line infantry, and specialized in recon. This was completely true, but few would guess the up close and personal nature of this reconnaissance from this record.

After eight years of being apart of the army, Roy was back home on leave, debating if he should stay in the military or not. He had already stayed four years longer than he thought he would, and had surprisingly liked being apart o the military. Especially being a part of the corps that he was, which was perfectly suited with his interests. That night however he had decided to go drinking, and in the bar he spotted something quite suspicious.

While drinking at the bar, before he had too much alcohol. Roy noticed a group of people in the corner of the bar, they seemed a little off, and suspicious. When he saw that one of them confronted a woman who quickly ran out the back door, Roy suspected trouble at this point. He decided to follow this guy into the dark alley, he was certain that he would be able to take him on whoever he was if it came to that. But as he opened the door he saw a lightning fast fist coming his way. He was barely able to duck in time to avoid it, and was amazed to see that it hit the door behind him, and nearly tore it off it's hinges. He was even more so amazed to see this guy baring his fangs at him.

Roy pulled out his gun and shot him, only to see him get up again, almost like he had never been hit. Roy then started to pump his entire magazine into him, though he was normally a good shot the situation threw him off drastically and he missed the heart and the head on his opponent. Enabling him to survive and then leave a stunned Roy standing alone in that alley with the dead body of that girl as he made his escape. Which soon began moving, as it turned into a ghoul, only causing Roy to freak out more so. He was forced at that point to unload his last couple bullets into the zombie before him.

Needless to say few people bought his story, which was, unfortunately the truth. But, as Roy told it to a few high ranking officials, this having peaked their interest for some reason. They finally decided to call in someone from V.W.A.T. who listened to Roy's story and admitted, that he shouldn't have seen what he had. But, since he had, and since he had more importantly survived, he would be "invited" to join V.W.A.T. Roy accepted this offer pretty quickly.

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Same old song and dance for the most part, took out some weapons here, added in a knife there, expanded history a bit, personality is bigger, skills are virtually identical. But, definitely give it a once over to make sure everything is in order.
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