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Caitlyn is a bit short standing at about five feet four inches in height and weighs about 117 pounds. She has a small frame not really well built in terms of strength lacking any major muscle mass. She is also quite thin due to a lack of a proper balanced diet thin to the point that her ribs can often be felt just beneath her skin if you were to touch her there. Her entire body is covered in peach colored skin from head to toe. Caitlyn has a fair number of scars scattered all over her body from an assortment of misadventures and accidents. The most notable one being one Caitlin has on her back that stretches from her lower back all the way up to her mid back from a poor attempt at jumping a chain link fence that resulted in her catching on the open wire at the top.

It is not uncommon for Caitlyn to be covered in a hefty layer of dirt or grime mainly due to the a lack of running water on Caitlyn's part thus denying her the simple luxury of being able to bathe except for when she can manage to find a place private enough to wipe herself down with a wet sponge or towel. And even these pseudo bath's can only do so much to improve her situation.

Caitlyn's face is a bit gaunt in appearance but still maintains a youthful appearance. Her nose is a bit round and her face in general is a bit narrow but not overly so having an oval like shape. Her eyes are almond shaped and have a greenish color to them. Her lips are a bit thin and her mouth is wide. And it is not rare to see dark rings beneath her eyes either from exhaustion or sleep deprivation mainly due to her poor living conditions. She also has a few freckles dotting the bridge of her nose and the upper part of her cheeks. She often wears a bit of makeup usually some eyeliner and a thin layer of lipstick and maybe a bit of eye shadow as well if she feels like taking the time to apply it.

Along with makeup Caitlyn adds onto her own personalization of her appearance with various accessories in the form of piercings. She wears two black earrings shaped like bolts and also has a nose ring in her right nostril. Her hair is short reaching down to the back of her neck but she often keeps it clipped up out of preference for the most part. Her natural hair color is brown but out of complete whimsy she dyed it pink. A decision that she has come to regret for the past few weeks. Her hair other than being kept clipped up is for the most part unkept often growing at different lengths in different places giving it a layered appearance.

In terms of clothing Caitlyn has a severely limited selection of clothing to choose from. Her main outfit usually consists of a black hooded sweatshirt that has a her favorite band design on it across the front. She also wears a pair of black cargo pants and a pair of leather ankle high boots with white socks. She also wears a pair of black wool finger-less gloves and a number of plastic barbwire bracelets and bangles on her wrists. Around her neck she wears a black cord with a black plastic cross hanging on it. Beneath her sweatshirt she wears a black camisole style shirt.

The only other clothing she owns is a light brown waist length raincoat and a white T-shirt with a generic design on the front along with a pair of khaki capris and a pair of white tennis shoes. She also has a black pull string bag that she often carries over one shoulder and a blue and white duffel bag she carries over the other.


Stoeger Condor Outback Shotgun

Caitlyn is the semi-proud owner of a Stoeger Condor Outback Shotgun. Her shotgun is designed to fire 12 gauge 2 3/4" and 3 inch shells and is modified to feature shell ejectors to replace the factory designed extractors which forcibly eject the empty hulls after firing when the breech is open. Her particular model features an improved cylinder choke to regulate the spread or pattern of her shots. her shotgun also has rifle style sights on it for fast target acquisition and precision.

The shotgun is an over-under style shotgun that is loaded by opening the breech of the weapon and loading two shells manually into the chamber. It features a 20 inch barrel and has a polished nickel/black finish and a black walnut stock. It also has a rubber recoil pad on the stock to dampen recoil from shots. It also features a single trigger rather than a dual trigger found in most double barreled shotguns. The weapon has two modes of fire one that fires one barrel with each trigger pull and another that fires both barrels at once. The different modes are selected through the use of a switch located just above the trigger. The weapon also comes with a thumb safety behind the breech.

Caitlyn only carries basic ammunition for her shotgun and doesn't carry it in very large quantities either due to the cost of ammunition and her limited funds. At any one time she might be carrying anywhere between 10-50 rounds depending on how much she can afford to buy and how much she uses. She doesn't have access to specialized ammunition such as silver or blessed ammo and mainly utilizes her shotgun for dismembering targets. When traveling she often keeps her shotgun tucked in her duffel bag out of sight. She also has a makeshift sling fitted to it that she fashioned from a keychain and an old worn out leather belt.

Ruger SR40c

Tucked into the back of her pants and covered by her sweatshirt Caitlyn carries a Ruger SR40c handgun. A compact version of the standard Ruger SR40. The pistol is







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