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Basic Appearance Information:
Ariella has long redwood hair which reaches down to just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a gentle blue color which can sometimes seem grey. Her complexion is fair bordering on the light. She stands a maximum of five foot eight inches from heel to skull. Her figure is well placed, curvy, and tight. Her abdominal region expresses a thin landscape with no extruding abdominal muscles. In fact, she looks less powerful then she actually is. By this, I refer to the fact that she looks rather skinny and normal but is perhaps as strong as a trained athlete who exercises regularly. On average she wears a cross of two different outfits.

((WIP))Ariella Kauviah Farstryke  219952E03
She bears a blue cloth robe like cloak. This can be tied and pulled over her head to conceal her identity. Upon her upper chest she bears a white cotton like cloth which reaches down to the start of her thigh. Around her waist the shirt splits on either side to a set of front and back cloth. Upon her waist and abdominal region she bears a leather corset over a giant black leather belt. Below on her lower half she wears a set of brown leather pants which are thatched and stitched by hand making them one of a kind. For footwear she bears brown leather boots which are also homeade which reach to just below her knees. Her hands bear leather gloves which reach just beyond her wrist matching her outfit. however, on her right hand she bears a sturdy silver plated steel gauntlet.

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She bears a long grey/black hooded robe with large sleeves and red lining. The hood is rather deep allowing her to obscure her face and head. The robe is held together by a type of corset in the front of her which holds her figure in place. It's with this outfit you can see her clan's tribal tattoo for Necromancers bearing in the center of her chest, two swirling like objects colliding with each other.


((WIP))Ariella Kauviah Farstryke  Posess10
This scythe is five foot eleven in height and infused with magics from her clan. Because of this, it is considered a living magical entity as it can perceive the surroundings with his double sided moving eye with in the center of the blade's connection to the staff. Being as it is connected to her magically and spiritually, she can, at will, see through the eye as if it was an extension of herself or one of her own eyes. The blade is simple weapons grade metal designed to cut through most objects with ease. This is the passage right of each mage from the Farstryke clan, to create their weapon of choice and imbued it with their own magics.
This staff/scythe allows her to perform melee attacks with the blade as well as extend her magic ability by casting from the staff's top, eye, or cutting edge as well as the ability to see through the eye of the scythe as if it was her own eye.

"Liber Antiquus De Occulta aethereum"
(Ancient Aetherial Book Of Secrets)


((WIP))Ariella Kauviah Farstryke  Ancient_bookl_side1

A simple brown leather book with golden parchment paper. This magical book will only show relevant spells to the user for the situation.

This book has the abilities of her whole clan stemmed with in it. Each class of spells are unlocked through the


Ariella is a calm individual. She's quite the resourceful person as well. Added to this she's quite knowledgeable in psychology coupled with her extensive research in human behavioral analyses she's quite the formidable mental opponent. In most situations she's relatively logical in her actions. Added to this that she can think both Rationally, Irrational, logically, or even use reason to deduce the answer to a problem makes her that much more formidable.

Outside of battle in more social situations she's usually extremely calm. She is however prone to fits of rapid thought though not on a usual scale. Moving forth, she's extremely kind and gentle to almost all creatures and people. She more often than not wishes NOT to fight. This is often displayed by her attempt at getting people to relax as a fight seems to be brewing. Next on the list of social thoughts is that she has an attachment to her powers. She's split down the middle as to her thoughts of these powers. On one hand she sees them as a gift, but at the same time she sees them as a curse. With these facts in place we can look at her goals, wishes, and other personal traits.

At the moment of her realization of who and what she was, her original goal was to assist in creating a dominating world peace held together by friendship and gentle natures. As she grew older and in to her twenties she realized this goal was not completely realistic. She still strives to unify all of the world to a single World Government of which she wishes will create a Utopia. This leads us to the next aspect of her personality. When it comes to the creation of her New World Government, she realized that not everyone could be swaded by friendship and happiness. As such, she knows enough to employ fear or other devilish concepts to gain her goal.

Her personal tastes in life reflect her more calm and rural nature of her past. She loves the idea of keeping things close to the roots. Technology is helpful for sure, but in the long run she believes that reliance on technology to do everything will result in devastating consequences.





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