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Women's Locker Room Empty Women's Locker Room

Post by Claire Kelly on Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:54 am

The women's locker room on the barracks level of the base is relatively simple in design having a block full of shower stalls and another separate one with toilet stalls and sinks. Another section possesses a collection of lockers that the bases' female personnel keep either clothes or private effects in.


======> Claire's Room

Claire entered the locker room the room was completely empty and was for the most part untouched. But after her recent experience she wasn't going to take any chances. Placing her stack of clothing upon one of the benches Claire did a quick sweep of the locker room and the toilet and shower stalls. Once she was satisfied that the room was secure she took up her clothes once more and walked into the shower area. The room was quiet save for the rhythmic drip of one of the shower heads that hadn't been closed properly.

Choosing a stall Claire stripped out of her uniform unbuttoning her ACU shirt and tossing it aside and pushing her pants down her legs. In short order she stripped out of the rest of her clothing as well before hanging her web belt with her holster still clipped to it on the hook beside the stall. In the holster sat her sidearm and on the other side of the belt were three sheathes two of which held knives that she'd been given by Eleanor at the beginning of the riot incident. The last knife was still held tightly in Claire's hand as she stepped into the stall she placed it on a small alcove meant for soap or other hygiene products and quickly went about taking a hot shower.

The hot water did wonders for her sore muscles as it washed over her. She braced her hands against the wall of the stall as she let the water soak her hair. Her eyes opened briefly as her hair fell around her head damp and soaked. She could see a reddish tint in the water swirling down the drain and it took her a moment to realize that it was blood. Not her own but someone else's. She let out a deep sigh as she collected a small amount of shampoo and lathered it into her hair eager to find anything to focus on other than the blood dripping off her.

After a quick cleansing she simply stood in the shower for a moment letting herself a moment of relaxation as the hot water swept away her stress and aches. Her eyes shot open however as she heard a door open the sound was faint but she had heard it all the same. Quickly opening the stall she pulled her sidearm from it's holster and checked the chamber to ensure a round was there. Once she was sure she directed her aim towards the single entrance to the shower block. It wasn't long until a man in a uniform rounded the corner with a shotgun in hand. Claire raised her sidearm "Don't move!" Claire called out loudly.

The man looked up and froze holding up his hand and holding his shotgun by the barrel in the other "W-Wait I'm a guard! I was put on patrol to make sure none of the convicts got this far!" The man said quickly pulling out an ID badge with his photograph on it. Claire frowned "I didn't say tell me who you are! I said don't move!" Claire said. The man nodded not moving as the naked medic had ordered. Claire was silent for a moment before she spoke "Throw me your ID! Slowly!" She ordered.

The man nodded slowly unclipping his ID from his uniform and throwing it to Claire. It fell short a bit but not too far Claire bent down keeping her pistol trained on the man as she picked up the ID.
She quickly read the info on the card and then looked at the man it was certainly the same man in the photo but she wasn't going to assume that easily. "When's your birthday!" Claire called out. The man raised an eyebrow but a stern look from the medic quickly forced an answer "December 16th 1985." the man said. Referencing the date to the ID in her hand she let out a small sigh of relief before throwing the ID back "Out!" Claire called.

"B-But." The man said but a boot thrown by Claire quickly sent the man scurrying out of the locker room. Claire sighed as she stepped out and quickly dressed in her fresh clothes pulling her boots back on and strapping her web belt back on around her waist sheathing the last knife back on her belt. She'd need to find out where the CASEVAC was being establish around here if she wanted to help. Perhaps the guard she'd just met could help her with that issue.

====> Exit

"Please state the nature of your medical emergency, If you can't do that just keep screaming and I'll get to you eventually."

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