#4 Del Pacific Apts, Tijuana Mexico

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#4 Del Pacific Apts, Tijuana Mexico

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 18, 2013 2:39 pm

Vanessa lay in her bed clad in a pair of Grey sweatpants and a black button up shirt. She winced as the light from the rising sun hit her face through the windows of her small apartment. As the light engulfed the room one could see that the Assassin's dwelling wasn't anything extravagant. It was a small 2 room apartment. 1 room containing a small bathroom that housed a sink, toilet and shower while the rest of the apartment acted as the living space, sleeping area and kitchen all in one. All around the room lay weapons of different shapes and sizes and use. From primitive knives to top of the line sniper rifles.

Vanessa let out a silent sigh as she heard the neighbors dog begin barking signalling the beginning of her morning. Once the damn creature began it wouldn't stop until it seemed it was sure she was awake. She rolled out of bed hitting the wooden floor with a dull thump dragging the sheets of her bed with her. For a few moments she lay there on the floor staring at the ceiling before she finally got the motivation to get up and drag herself into the kitchen. Opening her pantry she stared at the scarce amount of edible food that was held within. Lately contracts had been hard to come by forcing her to choose between two options. Food and Ammunition the contracts she did get were always dangerous ones. The ones that involved shooting through entire squads of idiotic henchman before finally putting a bullet in the idiot unfortunate enough to get a bounty put on them.

Finally she grabbed a nearly empty box of cereal and moved over to her fridge grabbing a milk carton before seating herself at her table. She then proceeded to eat her breakfast by tossing a small handful of cereal into her mouth before washing it down with milk. Her eating habits weren't the best but when you lived alone like she did you were allowed a few liberties.


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