Lisa Emmerich (WIP)

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Lisa Emmerich (WIP)

Post by Elsa Wagner on Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:23 pm

Name: Lisa Emmerich

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lisa is a bit short at about 167 cm in height and weighs 147 lbs. Her skin is a bit pale and she has Asian traits in her appearance. Her face is a bit round and her eyes are almond shaped. Her body is a bit under developed as her chest is almost completely flat causing some of her colleagues to question her gender due to her behavior. She doesn't have much muscle to speak about giving her a slight frail appearance. Her body has multiple scars and burns and her normally pale skin is often smudged with oil or dirt from her latest projects in the VWAT Technological R&D workshop. Her most notable physical feature is her lack of an organic left arm from the shoulder down. Instead it has been replaced with a synthetic arm fabricated from a combination of steel and titanium.

The arm is a prototype designed by Lisa using ideas based of TMR or target muscle reinnervation which works of the basis of sending electrical impulses from the brain that influence movement to another part of the body to influence movement. However instead Lisa has designed the arm with synthetic muscle that use wires to transfer the brains electrical current to move the arm like a normal limb. The arm itself is sturdy as Lisa has neglected to connect pain nerves in the arm allowing her to in some cases break concrete with it. The arm is designed with 3 layers the outer layer is a solid layer of titanium/aluminum alloy meant for withstanding outside elements while the inner is a thinner layer of titanium. The final layer is plastic padding which houses and insulates the wiring that connects to the nerves of her body.

Lisa's clothing is often basic consisting of black cargo pants and a white T-shirt with a pair of black work boots. She also wears a black baseball cap that she tucks her hair into while she works. On her waist she wears a brown leather tool belt that tends to cause her pants to sag downwards due to the weight rather than keep them up like they are supposed to. On her right hand she wears a black fingerless glove


Tool Belt: Lisa's tool belt is often filled with various tools that she needs to finish work she is doing with her numerous projects. The tools one could find there could range from a simple hot glue gun to a batter powered impact wrench. She also often has numerous wrenches and hammers hanging from her belt along with pouches full of screws, nuts and bolts.

Nokia 105 Cellphone: Lisa's cellphone is a Nokia 105, She would prefer to use an Iphone or Android but due to the number of these devices she has broken she has begun using the 105 due to the durability and long battery life. She sometimes uses it to play games but it is mainly for making calls to report in on how her work is going.

Walther P99: Lisa carries a Walther P99 handgun as a standard sidearm mainly due to the large magazine capacity and the lightweight of the gun itself. Also she admires how well made the firearm is made in general.

Goggles: Lisa wears a pair of tinted welding goggles around her neck that she uses when welding or as sunglasses when she hasn't been outside in a while.

Race: Human


Mechanical and Technological Proficiency:

Organization: (Which organization do you serve? Hellsing? The Iscariot? The dastardly Millennium? The militaristic V.W.A.T.? Perhaps feeling a bit confused and decide to go at it alone? You decide.)

Personality: (Everything that makes your character unique. How they feel, act, present themselves, think, etc.)

Rank: (What rank do you hold in the group you serve? Pick ranks that are appropriate to your group.)

Biography: (Your character's life, from beginning to the current time. Note: Characters cannot be born as supernatural creatures.)

Sample: (A short sample of how you intend to play. A practice roleplay can take the place of a sample. Only required for first time members, optional for all others.)

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Re: Lisa Emmerich (WIP)

Post by John Smith on Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:47 am

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