New Character. WIP

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New Character. WIP

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:12 pm

Nina Valérian



Nina is a slightly above average sized, atlethic woman. Her crimson red hair is shoulder long and ususally rather wild, though its styled to be that way and often reinforced with hair gel to keep her eyes free. She has pale green eyes with black eyeliner, a small perky nose and small,angular ears. Her cheeks are naturally in a light pink complexion, though she oftenly hides that with rogue and mascara. Her lips are small and pouty.

Below the neck, she has a fun sized chest, strong arms with dexterous long fingers, a toned belly, shapely rear and long legs. Aside from a pierced belly button which has a small silver ring in it, she also has a raven with spread wings tattooed onto the base of her spine. She often paints her nails pink.

As far as clothing goes, she ususally wears the yellow Hellsing uniform, with its yellow military styled blouse, matching yellow skirt, brown belt and white thigh highs. Additions to that include shooting gloves with removeable fingers, a pair of boots with steel tips and steel heels, a bulletproof corset which can absorb the force and destructive potential of rounds up to 7,62mm NATO and various types of provocative underwear, ususally black with red lineings, sometimes with small ribbons, clips or ties for a quick removal.
As an added bonus, she wears a cat collar with a stainless steel, engraved name tag under the collar of her uniform.

Loadout 1, for missions where she can take a sniping position somewhere:

AMT Hardballer Longslide with Short Dot sight and 10 round magazines

-A 7 inch barreled .45 ACP caliber pistol styled after the fameous Colt pistol, with some minor unique features. It has a Novak sight on it but also a red dot sight with some minor, adjustible magnification.
It feeds from 10 round magazines, which are fed two different types of ammo- either standard silver hollowpoints or with silver jacketed "DumDum" rounds which are very hotloaded rounds with the tip sawn off and the inside carved out, then the tip was welded back on. The ballistics are not great though the fact that the bullet literally blows itself to pieces once it enters the target, causing silver shrapnel to fly out the back of the target like a birdshot shotgun, while causing major internal damage and massive bleeding.

Desert Tactical SRS Rifle, suppressed with supersonic ammo
Mauser SP66 sniper rifle

-Depending on the situation, Nina will either use the Desert Tactical SRS rifle, a bullpup, magazine fed sniper rifle made for the military in 2012- a highly accurate and fast to fire rifle in 7,62mm NATO caliber.
It feeds from 5, 10 or 20 round magazines, though Nina almost always uses the later ones. It has a bipod and a 24x magnifyng thermal sight on it, which lets her identify vampireic targets from afar.
The suppressor on the business end is removeable and serves only to completely eliminate the muzzle flash- no silencer could ever be so silent as to fool a vampire, though even they cannot hear a bullet thats flying faster than the sound itself.

The alternative is a Mauser SP66 rifle, made in 1966. Its a competitive sniper rifle, and one that Nina herself owns. Needless to say, she´s most proficient with it- a standard 22x magnification scope is mounted on it, as well as a large flash hider which brings the recoil down a bit. It doesn´t have a bipod or monopod, and it feeds from a three round internal magazine- the 7,62mm bullets are the same ones that her other rifles use.

Speaking of bullets, it can feed soft tip hollowpoints made of silver with a lead core, armor piercing silver jacketed rounds with a tungsten carbide tip and core or for shorter distances, "DumDum" rounds which are standard, silver jacketed tombak core bullets... which have been reversed, with the tip facing the powder charge. The result of this is a devastating hydrostatic shock with much fragmentation, though the bullet still expands like it should. Accuracy with this ammunition is, of course, not so great, though not as bad as one would think.

Loadout 2, for missions with close quarters to mid range battles without a good sniping position... aka everything else.

Cobray MAC-10 .45 ACP machine pistol with high grade military grip

-A commercially available, affordable machine pistol which can fire single shots or fire at 800 rounds per minute. It feeds from 32 round magazines and uses the same ammunition as her Hardballer pistol. No fancy sights or bipods on this one, just a rubberized grip- as the standard one is made of sheet metal and quite uncomfortable.

HK-417 with 18 inch barrel, sniper stock, Grip-Pod and ACOG sight with red dot function

-A designated marksman rifle made by Heckler and Koch, currently one of the best gunsmiths in the world along with FN and SigSauer. It can fire in semi auto or fully automatic mode and loads the same 7,62mm ammunition as her other rifles from 20 round magazines which are not interchangeable with the SRS.

Combat Knife


Nina is a masterful marksman with the rifle and a decent shot with a pistol, having trained since she was 14. Her grouping on 800 meters is less than five centimeters, if properly selected ammo is used.
She`s a mathematical talent and can calculate the difficult ballistic formulas for bullet drop, wind and weather compensation and air pressure in her head, in the field.
She`s fit and agile, though not the best in that regard, her body is still recovering from her addiction.

Hellsing Organization

Nina is a free spirit. A cheerful, upbeat, passionate and flirtarious party girl who seeks her fortune and pleasure in everything she does. As such, she`s a total liberalist and dislikes to be deprived of freedom, though since she`s now a soldier, that way of thinking is slowly going to perish away, or at least be repressed.
Her hobbies include sniping, martial arts and cooking, though the first one is her favorite.
Nina believes in the natural selection and disbelieves that vampires are the superior race, seeing how the humans effectively keep their population within limits. She won`t hesitate to stand for that opinion and argue against people who say otherwise.
Nina also hates drugs of any kind, as she was an Extasy addict a couple of years ago before being rehabiliated.
She´s a protestant, although not a strong believer in the church, and hates the roman catholic church for their viewpoint, their restraint and strictness and their beliefs.


Biography: (Your character's life, from beginning to the current time. Note: Characters cannot be born as supernatural creatures.)

Sample: (A short sample of how you intend to play. A practice roleplay can take the place of a sample. Only required for first time members, optional for all others.)


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Re: New Character. WIP

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This going places?
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