A Walk in the Park (Need 1)

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A Walk in the Park (Need 1) Empty A Walk in the Park (Need 1)

Post by Kilquan Suffraxon on Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:38 pm

Ode to the trees of verdant desire as the wind swept about a park just outside of London. The grass was green and made the wind smell almost alive. It was refreshing, and none could truly complain about the beauty of the large park. The monuments were freshly polished granite and the birds even seemed to avoid defecating on them. There was a multitude of benches and the place seemed empty save for one old granny feeding the birds crumbs. She was shorter and plump. She had a cute little hat and was flushed with color in the brisk breeze. She was dressed in purple and green, her sweater a nice shade of maroon and her pants a shade darker than the grass. Her hat was purple just like her sweater, and it seemed to keep snuggly upon her head.

Low and behold however, she soon turned stark white as a dark figure's arm draped around neck, as if someone was strong arming her, yet the hold stayed lax, as if reassuring. A voice soon rang out in song behind her, "Well hello there granny why so glum, you look like you just got stuck in the slums! Why so rigged? Why so scared? Your skin tone hunny, it matches your hair. Just relax a bit, just take a second and breath, cause it'll be over soon enough...." He then cut short and sighed heavily, "I got nothing to go after that. Night granny!"

With that he lowered his head down towards her neck and his hold became harsh as he elegantly sank his grisly teeth into her neck, not spilling a drop of her precious blood. He then proceeded to swap clothed with her and dig in her purse for her make up. By this time a jogger was approaching and watched as he forced the short plump woman into his pants and suit and dawned her sweater and hat. He then began to madly arrange the makeup about his face. He looked at the awestruck jogger and simply said, "Buu!" before taking a seat next to his now ghouled old lady and putting his arm around her, keeping his right hand on his umbrella.
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