(Continuation Thread) Hypocrisy in the Church Pt.2

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(Continuation Thread) Hypocrisy in the Church Pt.2 Empty (Continuation Thread) Hypocrisy in the Church Pt.2

Post by Veronica Corvis on Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:31 pm

Enter from Rome

The Nun looked on through the black tinted windows of her mode of transportation, watching the quickly approaching town in the distance grow larger by the second. They had almost arrived at her destination, but it had been a long trip and the chances of the vampire still being around were extremely slim. That didn't change the fact that she still had a job to do, however, and she was going to see it through. Luckily, this job would not involve local police or any form of government interrupting her work thanks to the Vatican pulling a few strings with local law enforcement, so she was free to go about her business as she saw fit.

The car slowly came to a halt as they finally arrived, and the back door was quickly opened to allow the Nun out, her cold but meticulous gaze falling amongst the ruins of the now destroyed church which lay across the street. Stepping amongst the charred black ruins, she began her investigation. True Cross suspected the priests who were supposedly working here to be vampires, and for any other agent, any solid evidence of that suspicion would have been lost in the blaze - vampire dust blended in rather well with the ash of a recently burnt down building, after all, which only served to make her job harder. However, she wasn't any other agent.

A quick scan of the area with what many would call a sixth sense, something Veronica had trained since she was extremely young to sense supernatural creatures, confirmed the Churches suspicions of Vampires being present. She could feel the unholy taint that their ashes left, which solidified that fact. So, vampires were involved in all this. She stood at the very edge of the caved in ruins, most of the church having fallen into the basement below, and surveyed the charred remains for a few moments longer before beginning to do a walk around of it; circling the burnt pile for any more signs of what may have happened.

She couldn't hold back the slight twitch of a smirk that crept it's way onto her lips, forming at the thought that maybe the vampire that did this was still around. She had no solid leads that there was, in fact, a fifth vampire involved, but she had hoped the True Crosses speculations were as accurate as those they had previously. After all, vampires were tough creatures to be sure, and while she detested them to the utmost degree, she doubted they were stupid enough to set themselves on fire. Regardless, she couldn't suppress the thought that maybe she'd get to blow off some steam and crucify the reaming one should she be able to track it.

So that's what she would focus on for now: utilizing her sixth sense to see if anything resembling a supernatural creature was still stupid enough to be hiding in the area, or at least within range of her sensing-esque abilities. However, much to her disappointment, no such entity was found. If he was still here, he had long since made it out of her range. A small hint of disappointment touched her features with an audible "tsk" escaping her lips. She had hoped this mission would be more than a simple errand that anyone else could have easily accomplished, yet that is exactly what it was. She wasn't going to be able to spill any blood tonight - a pity. Her orders were to verify whether or not vampires had been involved, so she did. She wasn't going to go out of her way to fly across the country side after someone who most likely had a severe headstart on her.

She'd catch him sooner or later, though, she'd make sure of that.

A sigh escaped her lips as she turned back toward the car, having spent more than enough time here and having obtained the information she was told to acquire, she returned to her seat in the back and gave a nod to the driver, who promptly sped off to make the annoying long journey back to her home. Two long trips all for a few minutes worth of information. Truly, the Church had fallen in some regard.

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