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Post by John Smith on Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:34 pm

Since the scrolling banner made the announcements section completely pointless, we thought we'd fill it with something new. Something better. Something more classy.

Since there's no way to make a machine that prints cake from any computer, we went with the next best option. Which was illegal, so we continued to think of things until we finally decided on a Player of the Month system. Every month on the 1st, one person will be elected from the memberbase to be the Player of the Month. Your name goes up in the top, you get to wear a fancy rank, and you get a signature you can use if you want. At the moment, that's about all you get, in addition to the satisfaction of rubbing it in your parents' faces to prove them wrong when they said you'd never accomplish anything, and that toilet was always clogged, mother.

There's a few rules. First, don't vote for yourself. Everyone knows that's code for an inferiority complex. Second, if someone's already been elected before, they can't be elected again for another year, so don't waste your vote on them. Third, one vote per person.

With all that out of the way, send a PM to me by the end of the month with who you think should get their name up there. For this month only, the voting lasts the entire month. In the future, however, it will only be for the last week of any given month.

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