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Leonidas Rufus - Aspect of Mercy (WIP) Empty Leonidas Rufus - Aspect of Mercy (WIP)

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Nickname(s): Leo the Lion. Apparently Leonidas Fistus is a moniker he goes by whenever he frequents the red light district... to sanctify and to absolve any of the paid body laborers there of their sins.

Age: 25 years old.

Race:  Human.

Gender: Proud Human Male.

Organization: True Cross.

Organization Rank: True Cross Field Operative, Herald, Paladin-Type.

Character's Appearance

Heights, he has that, and since he has it, he is about 6'1" feet tall, which is a height and the weight is 180 lbs. He has sickly yellowish skin with a hue of red, flint grey eyes, and a hair of red, because he has a soul, which in itself is styled to be neatly swept to the side and seeping backward in a slick. He also has a sporting thick mustache, which in itself is odd to see in a member of clergy, but he is an edgy rebel who needs to be a special snowflake, hence the pencil 'stache he sports, which is red, and makes him have more soul. He also have several freckles on his neck, for the extra souls he has, or probably due to genetics, either one works. Despite his rather deceptively apparently wiry appearance, he is rather muscular underneath, otherwise he'd be a rather POOR agent if he wasn't exactly fit to the Olympic standard of what it is to be human, trading in rather sheer speed and flexibility in an athletic fit with some musculature to support being able to pull off such stamina, with a lack of six packs as he has fat to burn, not exactly there for a sculpted physique but rather a more practical one. The entire span of his right arm is burnt and is mottled with scars, mostly from burns, running right to his shoulder, and ending right at his neckline. Seemingly a mark of his previous scuffle with an actual pyromaniac vampire, as Leonidas would tell another, but really he just poured oil over himself while trying to cook, in spite of repeated warnings from the other clergymen, of the foolishness. What entailed afterwards was a great blaze that burnt Leonidas, and a taciturn 'told you so' from the others.

He wears clothes, usually an open Cassock with a hood, some priestly shirt missing a clerical collar, a silver crucifix, a pair of slacks, and Oxford shoes that are padded to also double as running shoes. A very strange mixture that. There is an outline of purple along his overall black and dark blue attire. He houses numerous pockets underneath his Cassock, and if people are wondering, Leonidas wears speedos. They're pretty comfortable, and that's information nobody had to know. They also shouldn't know that they're leopard patterned. Apparently it brings out his inner animal.

Also has eyebrows the size of a sausage on his head, suspiciously similar to a Spanish bureaucrat, if not having a passing resemblance as well, if not red hair that even links him to said bureaucrat. His face also happens to be crooked, with uneven eye placements, some blotched shade of dark on his face that is akin to birth marks, and his eyes are of uneven shading. One is dark grey, and the other is regular grey. Apparently the mustache is to hide his hideously misshapen lips which was as a result of a wound, which is not only ugly from his genetics, but also from scarring. Apparently has nothing to do with fighting a vampire on top of a rooftop shirtless, or so he says, but merely cutting himself up when he boldly decided to eat an apple with his Gladius.

Personality Information

Leonidas Rufus is a man that's seeing things in a very bleak light since his long tenure in True Cross. Though two decades and a half isn't really that long, his operational history makes it so that he faces as much perils as any seasoned agents, albeit he is known for his mediocre achievements. It is reflecting his mindset that to take a job that would be easiest to accomplish with typically a 100% success rating, than to take one where no shadow of doubt falls on failing. A laziness he has earned over his life from easy living despite being an orphan where strict Spartan discipline is the way to do things where necessity of success is stressed, to which manifested in a different manner in Rufus. Though it is merely a matter of preference rather than actual desire to be truly slothful, something changing recently ever since he has seen something hilarious, which he committed to memory about a certain someone he finds clownish.

He isn't exactly the most devout priest out there, nor the most dedicated in his duties. What he makes up from a lack of dedication is talent, creativity, and a special kind of ruthlessness of not playing fairly. Absolutely without pride in his work or in general, and it's not a point of shame at that either. Leonidas Rufus despite not being devout, finds himself prey to faltering beliefs which is not stemmed out of doubt but rather out of general skepticism of everything in general, rather than particular subject at hand over faith. There is a difference between knowledge, and actually putting faith in things, and Rufus is a skeptic that hasn't put much stock in the words of his colleagues as much. It doesn't have as much magic as it does in the past, not minding the puns. Just something about the overall life is not what he likes, but worse yet, is that he doesn't know how to do anything else but to perform as an ordained member of True Cross. A singular path that goes downward with no way out, as normal life neither suits him, nor does he think that he can do much else besides killing, it doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy it though, it merely means he is bored out of his mind.

Despite those lingering doubts, he conducts himself in a jovial manner that is as friendly as it is shallow. On the surface, when he smiles, it doesn't radiate warmth as one does genuinely, but is rather fake, a well practiced fake one, but a fake nonetheless that unconsciously people would pick up on. Deception is something he has accustomed himself to, ever since he has lied at a young age to get what he wants, and a lack of reprimand, or perhaps stern punishment or even notice, has allowed him to develop this ugly habit as he finds it advantageous in life. All humans manipulate one another to some degree, but for Leonidas Rufus, he isn't restrained by petty notions of morality or the likes of feeling guilt because he doesn't envision the world as one where anything matters. Those are just labels, and meanings are artificial. The truth of the world is that it'll always spin around, so why not do things to his own benefit? Despite that, he knows of the higher powers, pays lip service but not much else. His personality is also given condition towards the genetic aberrance overall from what he is, and that is his spawning is created through taboo, hence the problems.

Apparently he legitimately ALSO actually hears confessions from workers from the Red Light district, never laying with one of them nor partaking in adultery with members of the wicked profession. Probably because they have diseases, as logic goes, which goes to show that he isn't easily swayed by temptations of the flesh... at least when it comes from sex workers. But then again, Leonidas has an eschewed capacity towards empathy that is crippled in many ways, along with logic that is rather convoluted when thinking of matters in abstract ways. It's not to say he doesn't feel, merely finds it harder to sympathize if anything.

Equipment Information

Leonidas Rufus has a simple bunch of stuff really. One involves a pocket Bible that he stuffs into his pocket, dented in the sides from physical abuse, usually beating it around.

He keeps a phone, one provided by True Cross for work related things. An iPhone 4S apparently, go figure. Everyone wants that crap, despite it breaking pretty easily, and not functioning underwater. On the plus side though, it's proofed against that kind of stuff, having a thicker cover, and it's waterproofed to boot after Leonidas Rufus went through three phones from breaking, and not even in the middle of a mission.

Wallet. He has needs too.

Bottle of booze. Wine usually used in congregations, which goes to show that it's sanctified.

Double barreled break action sawn off shotgun (Dbbasos for short, pronounced Dumbassos). Calibered at 12GA, with a length of 20 inches, the shotgun has a chopped off butt from the grip, smoothly cut of course, and is shortened from the barrel. It is used in conjunction with birdshot shells, silvered and blessed, but it does also host other shells such as slugs for singular solid projectiles as opposed to multiple ones, and Magnum rounds. All blessed and silvered for projectiles. He carries about 20 shells, 10 birdshot, 5 Magnum, 5 slugs. He keeps them somewhere inside his clothes. For the sake of one's sanity and imagination, probably his pocket. Though it has been known to be smeared in brown for some reason in some occasions. Probably because he kept it where he keeps his chocolate.

He also has a stolen memento from a dead True Cross member, a sword that does not exactly work for him aside from chopping things up, given the fact it is unique to another member of True Cross, and only worked for them, but nonetheless functions quite well as a short sword. It's in fact a Gladius, shortened so it wouldn't exactly be encumbering, and made for one handed usage. The blade itself is 48 cm long, with a 20 cm long handle, weighing about 0.51 kg, with a handle detail of Polypropylene. The blade's metal itself is 1055 Carbon Black Anti Rust Matte, with the edge retaining a mixture of silver in it.

Character Abilities

Leonidas Rufus is quite well exercised, Olympian in that regard, because he can't be slothful, or else he'd be dead, that, and fat priests don't tend to live long in his line of work. His musculature allows him to reflexively act, blending power, stamina and speed into one conga of cocktail of ability, similar to military regimens in their sensibility for their peaceful intent to murder people. He has all the standard True Cross training beared in mind, combat and non-combat, but functions in the role of a combatant in spite of that.

Character Biography

The illegitimate son of a Spanish prime minister and his sister whom were having a moment of solidifying the Targaryen dynastic practices, Leonidas Rufus was abandoned at a very early age as soon as he was born in Rome as his parents were pro-life, but unwilling to rear up a bastard child. Ditched and thrown into the sewers, where incidentally his story could have ended, were it not for the fact that a drunken sewage worker saw Rufus, and picked him up, mistaking him for some lump of dough. Except as it goes, all he found was a useless ginger baby, to which when he had climbed up, discarded the child into the trash can, whom was already suffering from perhaps numerous diseases. Even then, an hour since being thrown into sewage, Leonidas was FINALLY found by a priest whom saw a child. Overcome with sudden thoughts of lust for rearing up an alter boy into the perfect sodomy victim, that said priest took a young Leonidas in, and had him hospitalized for a long while.

Though that plan never came to fruition, as said priest was arrested a month later by the police for being in possession of explicit contents depicting nude larval human forms, also known as children, when in fact though he wasn't guilty of that, was guilty of so many other things, framed. As a last form of spite, a powerful human emotion, said framer would visit Rufus, and against all better judgement and senses... wait, rather he subscribed to his own better judgement and senses, and LEFT the child there. He had no business raising a child, and as it is, there is already enough flak around priests. A convenience of causality casually avoided for better things to do anyhow, such as celebrating the fact he took out a potential rival in regards to becoming Bishop.

So as it goes, the tale of baby Leo, he was taken in by True Cross after many days of being cared for in the hospital, and raised there since by mere coincidence and luck. The story would normally end there, but many caretakers referred to Leonidas as uninspired, or merely unmotivated when it came to his training. It was a breeze to him, doing it, but the fact he chose to do it as unenthusiastically as possible meant that his advancement into training was slow in the True Cross orphanage he was taken to. Naturally one can assume he obviously picked the option where he has chosen the path of the guardian-monk rather than merely your average clergyman, much to the surprise of others, as he found he had no patience for any sort of confessional work or other duties of the ecclesiarchy.

Though Leonidas Rufus went through class on a stellar breezy pace compared to his many colleagues, he did advance upwards eventually to be interned to a True Cross after being approved for fieldwork. It was better for one to be prepared than to be sorry, and even training holds a small candle to the greater sun known as experience. From there on then, he was given to a tutor whom taught him what he knew, and allowed him to focus on the physical aspects instead of the spiritual aspects of True Cross, made one further as he eventually moved on to another when he has shown tendencies towards being able to utilize a semblance of Faeth. Not greatly, but it was determined he would be given leave to make usage of augmenting Faeth abilities, as opposed to any others that were more esoteric and mystical in range, to concern one's self than others.

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