Elsa König (WIP)

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Elsa König (WIP)

Post by Director Hawthorne on Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:50 am

Name: Elsa König

Age: 95 Year Old Chronologically, 25 Years Old In Physical Form.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Elsa is about 5'9 in height making her a decent height and she weighs around 150 pounds part of it comprised of fat and the rest comprised of muscle. Her hips aren't very large nor is her chest being measured around A and B cup in size. Her skin is pale due to rare exposure to the sun. Elsa has a round face with a youthful appearance to it, Her nose is a bit short and her lips are a bit thin are often set in a slight frown. She rarely wears make up except for perhaps eye shadow and lip gloss but more often than not forgoes it due to the time she wastes applying it.

Her hair is dark brown and a bit coarse and is often kept straight, It reaches down to her shoulders and she often pulls it back into a ponytail to keep it from falling into her eyes. At times she may just let it hang down around her head but this is often only during off duty occasions. Her eyes are a dark crimson color and are a bit narrow. Her body is shaped a bit like an hour glass but only faintly. Her hands her callused and her skin complexion is near flawless mainly because any scars are healed through her bodies regenerative properties.

Her clothing differs from that of many soldiers within Millennium as she and her unit have chosen a more modern approach to the Major's war. She and her unit are often outfitted with modern tactical equipment such as kevlar vests, combat webbing, and tactical rigs and holsters. Each soldier under her command is given a set amount of funds to outfit themselves with gear fitting to their specialty. Elsa's gear consists of a grey tactical vest with a kevlar inlay and grey combat webbing for carrying additional equipment. She also wears a grey fitted compression shirt with a pair of black fingerless gloves. She also wears a pair of black BDU pants with a drop leg holster along with a pair of black combat boots.

She also wears a black infantry cover with a black balaclava that covers the lower half of her face. When not in use the balaclava acts as a collar or scarf to keep her neck warm and unexposed to the elements. On her arms and knees she wears protective pads to cushion vital joints from impacts. She also wears a black headset connected to a receiver/transmitter that clips to her belt that allows her to maintain contact with those in her team. Outside of combat she forgoes all her tactical equipment and wears her patrol cover, shirt and pants and boots. She also wears a pair of World War 2 era dog tags that have been weathered over time, Now the only thing still legible on the tags is the name "König" the first name on the tag has been weathered away and is unreadable now.



Elsa favors modern weapons over the relics of the past Millennium foot troops tend to use. Elsa's rifle of choice is the DSR-1 Sharpshooter rifle. Her rifle is chambered for .338 Lapua Magnum rounds and is a bullpup weapon in design allowing for longer barrel length with a shorter overall weapon length as all the action is kept behind the trigger group. The rifle features a free floating barrel and a slot for a spare magazine set in front of the trigger. The barrel is housed in ventilated aluminium hand guard fitted with a muzzle brake to reduce recoil and muzzle flash. The rifle has an effective range of 1,500 meters and is fed from a 4 round box magazine.

She carries a total of 5 magazines for her rifle in pouches on her belt giving her a total of 20 rounds to use in combat plus one magazine kept in the rifle and another kept in the magazine holder on the rifle giving her an additional 8 rounds giving her a grand total of 28 rounds

Heckler and Koch 416 Compact PDR

The compact PDR is a weapon of Elsa's design that is utilized by her team due to it's versatility in combat. The PDR is a compact version of a Heckler and Koch 416 Assault Rifle. The barrel is shortened considerably to create the compact size and the stock is designed to fold against the side of the rifle so that the shooter can choose to have a more stable rifle or a shorter compact high caliber submachinegun. The weapons gas system has a bit more power thus increasing the cycling speed of the rifle giving it a faster rate of fire at the cost of less control. However this can be modified by the user to fit preference allowing it to be designed for slower more controllable weapon platform. The weapon can also be fitted with scopes and sights along with grips to increase it's range and control. The end of the barrel is threaded to fit different attachments such as compensators, suppressors or muzzle brakes or barrel extensions.

The weapon is commonly fed from a 30 round magazine of 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. The weapon can fire on 3 fire settings, Semi-automatic, 3 round burst, Or Full automatic. This is to give the shooter more versatility in the weapons use. Semi-automatic for accurate fire, 3 round burst for medium range combat and full auto for close range. The PDR has a effective range of 300-550 meters depending on the user's preference and how the weapon is modified. This weapon is based of Heckler and Koch's design but has been heavily modified by Millennium gunsmiths with assistance from Elsa. Elsa's PDR comes fitted with a muzzle brake at the end of her barrel and a grip on the handguard's picatinny rail. It also has a red dot site fitted onto the rifle for accuracy but also versatility. The length of the barrel is about 14 inches and the gun weighs around 10 pounds while loaded. She carries about 4 magazines in pouches on her vest and keeps one in the weapons giving her a total of 150 rounds of 5.56x45mm hollow points each filled with a small charge of explosive mercury within a silver casing.

USP Match

the USP match is a personal firearm for Elsa that she had chosen. The USP match is a Heckler and Koch USP handgun chambered for .45 ACP rounds. The weapon has been fine tuned for near perfect accuracy and features a barrel weight on the end of the barrel to reduce the effect recoil has on target tracking. the barrel weight also acts as a muzzle break to reduce recoil even more allowing for more accurate shooting. It is fed from a 12 round magazine and the handgun weighs around 3 pounds. the barrel is around 5.4 inches adding an extra inch to the barrel for better accuracy.  She carries with her 4 magazines of Incendiary .45 ACP rounds that spark and flash upon contact with hard targets thus lighting the target ablaze. However upon soft target it acts as a basic round should.

Loose Ammunition: Elsa carries around loose ammunition for reloading her magazines when not in combat or when she has the time to do so. In total she carries about 15 .338 Lapua Magnum rounds 10 in a vest pocket and 5 in nylon loops on a armband around her right upper arm, She also carries 40 .45 ACP Full metal jacket rounds.

Communication Transmitter/Receiver: Elsa carries a modern communication receiver/transmitter. The main unit is wireless and hangs from her belt which is wirelessly connected to a black headset that she wears on her left ear. The unit has a 2 day battery life and 12 different channels it can detect. The maximum range of the radio is about 7 kilometers. The range can be increased to contact command using equipment she has other team members carry in the field.

Sattelite Phone: Elsa carries a satellite phone with her that she in dire situations can use to contact command. Though she seldom uses this method of communication due to the chance of being traced due to the signal being passed through orbital satellites not owned by Millennium.

Becker Combat Utility Knife: Elsa's knife of choice is a Becker Combat Utility knife designed and made by Ka-bar the same knife manufacturer that produces the KA-BAR knife used by the United States Marine Corps. Elsa's knife can be used for combat or utility as the name entails such as cutting wires or other menial tasks like prying open doors or windows.

Blood Rations: Elsa carries around 4 small vacuum sealed plastic bags each containing blood which is meant to sustain Elsa in the field when she is unable to return to base immediately after an operation. The mouth of the bag can be sealed again using a lighter so that she can ration off the blood to last for a longer duration instead of drinking it all at once.

S-mine 35 AKA. Bouncing Betties: The S-mine is likely the most oldest piece of equipment Elsa carries. Due to the success the S-Mine 35 saw during world war 2 she continues to use them due to the wide kill radius that it possesses. The S-Mine is set to detonate using a 3 pronged pressure trigger or through use of trip wires. However due to modifications made by Elsa's team they are also set to be triggered remotely if needed for ambushes or ordnance disposal.

Race: Category D Vampire, Artificially made

Regenerative Potential: Level 2 (10 posts for major damage)
Physical Abilities: Level 1 (Minor supernatural strength, agility, stamina and reflexes)
Durability: Level 0 (No noticeable difference compared to an average human), small tolerance to sliver and blessed weapons (still killable through excessive uses of conventional force)
Additional Supernatural Abilities: Inability to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins and virgins into somewhat weak ghouls, the need to drink blood occasionally, large weakness to sunlight (diluted burning sensation), access to vampiric Third Eye.  

Marksmanship and Sniper Training: Due to her training with her father Erwin König, Elsa is an accomplished marksman and is well versed in tactics used by snipers such as relocation, sound masking, concealment and various tactics used to maintain concealment in combat. She is also skilled in hitting moving targets at far distances up to nearly two miles away and more if the conditions are right. Also due to her lack of breathing her aim is a bit steadier than a normal humans.

She is also quite efficient in calculating how far to lead a target to make a shot on a moving target and what positions would make effective sniper nests. She is also knowledgeable in calculating the wind direction and distance to the target before making her shots.

Individual, Squad and Unit based tactics: Elsa is well versed in Individual, Squad and Unit based tactics. Unlike most of Millenniums foot troops Elsa takes a more tactical approach to her situations instead of a charge in and fight type of situation. She prefers her unit tactics to keep her units out of sight allowing the illusion of a much larger force while harassing the enemy. She tends to gravitate from frontal attacks and focus more on hit and run attacks and ambushes. She can employ these tactics on multiple strength levels from individual to platoon sized units.

Combat Observation: Elsa is able to keep in mind enemy troop positions and objects of interest that could benefit her and her team in combat. She uses the intel she observes to plan out her attacks and operations.

Organization: Millennium

Personality: Elsa is a friendly person at first meeting as she often smiles

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Re: Elsa König (WIP)

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