Outside Mexico City Apartments (Combi; Vanessa if she wants)

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Outside Mexico City Apartments (Combi; Vanessa if she wants)

Post by Golden Jackal on Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:48 am

Dalibor had followed the wannabe crime lord and unknown woman to a block of apartments. He knew he would need to wait outside until either one of them appeared. The camera sling was slung over his head and neck, letting the camera rest under his right arm. In the pocket of his tan cargo pants, the grip obscured from view by the baggy white t-shirt, was a Springfield Armory XD 45. He knew better than to go to a meeting with an insane crime boss unarmed. Especially so if the crime boss didn't know there was a meeting. He figured a public-ish place like this would offer him some sort of protection but he doubted it heavily.

He fished a packet of Marlboro Reds from his other pocket before lighting it with a simple bic lighter he picked up in California on his way to the border. He quickly lit the cigarette before taking a deep inhale of the nicotine and other harmful substances. He exhaled with the ease of a chain smoker as he waited. It wouldn't be long before one of them had to come out of the apartment. As always, he kept his hand on the pay as you go cell phone ready to speed dial his emergency number in case the meeting didn't go as planned.

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